Educational Characteristics

The characteristics of education at Grossman Academy

  1. To prevent students from becoming without intelligence or culture.

  2. To create geniuses.
    • Emphasis on ones ability to think as well as create.
    • To create the leaders of tomorrow.

  3. An emphasis on writing and expression in order for students to become excellent at communication.

  4. Focus on complete mastery of both English and Japanese.

  5. To foster a strong sense of identity.

  6. To learn japanese and japanese culture not only as a treasure to oneseself but also as a treasure of the world, and to foster japanese culture in the world.

  7. Grossman Academy's philosophical basis is Matsuo Basho's concept of Fuuga and Lord Byron's Fire of aspiration.

ーMatsuo Basho, Oi no kobumi (original text)

... there is a fire
And motion of the soul which will not dwell
In its own narrow being, but aspire
Beyond the fitting medium of desire.
-Byron, Childe Harold's Pilrimmage, Canto III