Essay “The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and my self-defense”

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and my self-defense
Noriyuki Tani

In the recent years, computer has evolved and grew tremendously. The first computer made was so large that it filled a room, and it was impossible for a person to move it. The recent desktops are light enough so that it is possible to carry it. The laptop that was created is light enough to carry, along with screen and keyboards so that it could function without any aid from outer energy source. With the evolution of computer, an artificial intelligence, AI, developed, and AI is now smarter than human now. The effect that the AI has to human is that AI could initially stop the human’s evolution.

In a television show called “Jeopardy,” where people answer multiple genres of question, humans lost to an AI. This show does not only require basic knowledge, but knowledge of celebrity and their gossips and other miscellaneous knowledge. It was impossible for a computer, or even a super computer, to have a vast amount of knowledge and know which fact is needed. Watson, the super computer that won in “Jeopardy,” showed that an AI is capable of not only mathematics, but language also. At this point, humans lost to a computer with knowledge and information. This was because the computer was able to store and have a huge amount of facts that is merely impossible for human to know. It is not that computer has new knowledge, but humans are giving knowledge to the computer.

AI now has jobs that were once human’s job. Computer now provides the location of an object that someone desires, and brings it to the person who needs it. These labor type works are now computer’s job, and even top paying jobs could be computer’s occupation. The jobs that computer will be doing in the future are jobs that use information and machineries. Computers are use right now in order to store and use information. In the future, computers will not just use the information, but independently think and judge based on the data they have. The works that humans can only do are types of work that use moral and human rights, or in general decision making work. The current super computer is able to produce more than one answer depending on the question given. However, the computer will not be able to make a “correct” answer based on moral and value, since they do not have feelings and emotions. Humans are able to make these decisions because they have feelings and emotion. .

The difference between the most human computer and the most “human” human is communication. Super computers are now able to communicate like human. However, there is a flaw in their way of communicating. Computers tend to talk with fewer words compared to humans. Rather, they try to talk with least words as possible. In a Turing test, a judge was made to judge whether he/she was talking to a human or a computer. The judge chose the most “human” computer and the most “human” human in this test. In “The Atlantic,” March 2011 issue, there is an article that was written by a person who was awarded the most “human” human in the test. Brian Christian, the author, said that during the test, he increased the amount of conversation. “I’d elaborate a little on my answer, or add a parenthetical, or throw a question back at the judge – just as we offer and/or fill audible silence when we talk out loud.” By doing this, he was able to make the conversation online natural and tried to make it as if he was talking to the judge in person. Humans tend to talk more than they need to, but computers do not. Because Christian typed more words than the computer, the conversation between Christian and the judge was a human – human conversation, rather than computer – human conversation.

The evolution of human will stop with the growth of Super Computer. Humans will rely on super computer, and human being will stop thinking. New research and ideas will not start without thinking. Humankind was able to evolve to this level because they questioned and solved the question. For self-defense, thinking and questioning is what will make human a “human.” Human will lose in math, but humans can win with language. Human must step forward everyday in order to win against Super Computer.