Essay “How will science change human being”

How will science change human being
Noriyuki Tani

Scientific advancements are made everyday, whether it is in medical science or research. Human, unlike other living organism, has evolved over the past years. Unlike animal, human are able to understand science and how it works. With science, human will become an “ultimate” organism. This “ultimate” organism is able to solve any problem.

Understanding geology will enable human to solve problem. By studying geology, human will know how Earth changed from its birth to now. Sierra Nevada, a mountain range in California, was once a forest. This fact was figured out by looking at the components of the clay in the region. With this method, human kind will be able to understand how Earth actually was when it was created, and will be able to figure out how it will change in the future. The “evolved” Earth can be pictured and calculated with geology. Human can apply the knowledge of geology and be able to understand when and where a natural disaster, like earthquake and volcanic eruption, will occur.

Medical science will advance human even further. Human will be able to live through any kind of disease by advancing medical science. Before the study of medicine and study of body, human were dying because of disease. People are able to live up to 100 years because of the development of medicine and medical science. Another example is that there are human made vaccines that can prevent disease. The future “human being” will be able to fight back any disease, and essentially live a life without suffering from it.

Neuroscience will be an important part of human evolution. Human have different brain compared to other living organism. For example, human brain can recover from its loss; if a part of a brain is lost, other parts of the brain will “restore and recover” the ability that was lost. The evolution of the brain is from reading and writing. By understanding how human’s brain evolved, human brain can advance even more. The possibility of making geniuses will increase tremendously.

Improvement of science will advance human. Those who are careless about science will be the ones that will be left out in the society. They will not be able to fight against disease, will be ignorant, and will be in trouble during natural disaster. Advancement in science will push humans into another kind of animal in the future.