Essay “The effect of the new energy found deep inside Earth”

The effect of the new energy found deep inside Earth
Noriyuki Tani

A debate about finding a new source of energy has been going on since people talked about “global warming.” The so called “best answer” was using nuclear reaction as energy, inside a nuclear reactor. However, the large earthquake that struck Japan has caused many people to believe that using nuclear reactor as a mean of getting energy has been a wrong solution. Instead of using nuclear reaction as the energy source, two other ways has been proposed; reusable energy and hydrocarbon energy. In the near future, the possibility of these replacing the nuclear reactor is high, and is most likely. Many countries around the world are putting effort in the reusable energy, while Japan is putting effort in using the hydrocarbon. Japan does not realize that this may cause a problem similar to the oil shortage right now.

The reusable energies are made by using sun’s light (solar), water waves (hydro), and wind. These methods are environmentally friendly because they are always available and exist forever. These also are capable of producing electricity, emitting very few amount of carbon dioxide compared to other methods. The only problem with this is the cost. The cost of producing electricity from gas is less compared to solar and wind generating electricity, and is less popular. Another method is using hydrocarbons, specifically methane, instead of oil. Japan’s JAMSTEC made a special ship made to find new energy from deep inside earth. They found methane hydrate, which has a high potential of replacing oil, and are currently researching on how it can be produced and used. During the research, they also found a micro organism that is capable of producing methane. These micro organisms can increase their production of methane by using carbon dioxide, and Japan is planning on storing the carbon dioxide in this layer so that the micro organisms can produce a large amount of methane.

Using methane instead of oil will be the proposed answer. However, using this too much will cause a shortage in the supply of methane, similar to the current oil problem. Japan should find a different way of producing an energy that is healthy for the environment and same time is not in danger of shortage. Maybe producing energy from earthquake may be a good answer.