Essay “Floating Libertarian Nation”

Floating Libertarian Nation
Hiroki Kamihata

The framework to build a floating colony will not end as a dream.

Patri Friedman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient Milton Friedman’s grandson, dreams to build a floating libertarian nation 12 miles off the coast of California. Patri is planning to build his floating libertarian nation with many types of barges and water platforms at a location within the sight of San Francisco. The nation would consist of many things that are usually in other places like homes, schools, and hospitals. Bikes would be used for transportation like any other places and aqua farms would be used to produce vegetables. Although Patri’s project of building a floating libertarian nation by many people including UC Berkley Professor of Architecture Margaret Craw, he was able to gather up $2 million in venture capital for the development. With this money, he is planning to start the construction of floating offices in 2012 and bring in millions of residents to the homes that will be made on the floating libertarian nation by 2040.

Patri’s framework to build his floating libertarian nation will most likely not end as a dream. Because of global warming, the continental ice sheets have been melting and sea water have been thermally expanding, causing the sea level to rise. The rise of sea level caused by global warming has been observed to be ten times the number before global warming. Scientists are concerned that the rise of sea level might be further accelerated. This rise in sea level has become an issue for countries and cities with areas along the coast. Experts warn that Bangkok, Thailand will be flooded in 50 years. From looking at this data, we can conclude that more and more places are gradually going to become less usable. Therefore, we have to compensate for the land sinking beneath the sea by building floating colonies.