Essay “The Arizona shooting was caused by what kind of side effect

The Arizona shooting was caused by what kind of side effect
Noriyuki Tani

Last week, Senator Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, was shot by Jared Loughner, a 22 year old that attended a community college. Six people died, and 13 were injured in this event. The reason why this incident occurred was because of the side effects that surrounds Loughner.

The Arizona Senator Gabrielle Giffords is a Democrat, while Arizona is a Republican state. Arizona recently passed an immigration reform law, SB1070, and this was able to pass because it was a Republican state. The target became Senator Giffords because famous Conservative supporters are bashing Democrats. “Obama is a socialist because he wants Universal Healthcare.” Glenn Beck, a conservative radio host, said “Obama has exposed himself as a guy… who has a deep seated hatred for white people…This guy is I believe a racist.” Rush Limbaugh, another conservative, said that “I hope he fails” in response to whether he has hope in Obama. When these famous people make comments like these, the public will believe what they say, and will be moved by them. The comments made were anti-democratic. Senator Giffors and president Obama are both Democrats, and Loughner decided to shoot Giffords because she is a Democrat.

Internet is also a side effect. Loughner played Star Craft, a game played with other players in a virtual world. With internet, his brain has gone crazy. He made a weird comment on a forum. “I bet your hungry…because I know how to cut a body open and eat you for more than a week.” His shooting was due to his weird, crazy mind.

Arizona’s shooting was caused by the Republicans and internet’s side effect. He was “hypnotized” by the Arizona republican’s comments, and became anti-democratic. He used too much internet, and shot senator Giffords.