Essay “Necrosis of Reason”

Necrosis of Reason
Marino Kinoshita

Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel, a German philosopher from the 1800’s, summed all the philosophical problems of the world with one well-thought answer. He believed that the concept of “no idea” was an endless, unchanging validity of the void of form and that the essence of history was simply a matter of development.

North Korea is an untamed animal. Barbaric, rampant, and unyielding to any of the rules of general society this beast is out of control. Before the 36th Parallel was established, China has been an older brother figure to their Korean neighbor. After the divide, China, Beijing in particular, remains in North Korea’s corner, siding with their decisions and aiding them throughout, but now, even the head of legislature, Wu Bangguo, views their friend as “a spoiled child.”

With the loss of one ally, a gain follows – Iran. The two nuclear powers have traded advanced missiles and created weapons so destructive that they have proved more powerful than US officials have publicly acknowledged. Their neighboring Islamic nations and their leaders have expressed fear toward Iran’s nuclear programme. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly urged the US to attack and end the continuation of Iran’s weapons. Bahrian King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has taken a similar stance on the topic, informing the US of nuclear dangers.

History is progression, but we regress. This nuclear-obsessed generation will be remembered by decades later (if there is a future) as the time dedicated to the lesser good – humanity in reverse. North Korea’s every step toward bombs and missiles keeps the world a step back from peace.