Essay “Using Quantum Physics”

Using Quantum Physics
Mia Nanbara

Scientists believe that all the basic fundamental principles of the physical universe are known.  Ironically, the scientists in 1899 believed the same thing.  If you were to tell a scientist in 1899 that one hundred years later, moving pictures were transmitted to homes all over the world from satellites in the sky, women would have the right to vote, and antibiotics would abolish infectious diseases, they would think you were crazy.  We are repeating history on a much larger scale.

The reason why scientists in 1899 wouldn’t believe such developments was because their scientific theory would prove them impossible.  Similarly, our science started to scrape the use of quantum technology.  In our modern world, we base our ideas that our brains interpret the input from our sensory organs to make models.  It is natural for us to use common sense and logic to understand what we know today.  Quantum theory is the exact opposite of what we are used to.  It is not based on common sense or logic or what we know.  Everything is done without ‘thinking’ about it.

By using quantum technology, an unimaginable powerful computer can be built from a single molecule or information can move instantly between two points without any wires or networks.  The public isn’t too curious about the technology, but they have to sooner or later.  As the technology and physics of the world changes, the way people interpret information will change as well.  The making of a quantum chips instead of silicon chips for computers is the first step for change.  Quantum chips use light instead of electricity to make them work.

As the impossible becomes possible, the people’s minds will be unimaginably powerful.  The changes that they go through will challenge them every single day.  The Quantum World is unimaginable but feels very real.