Essay “The Future World of Quantum Theory”

The Future World of Quantum Theory
Yui Sasajima

This is like as if someone had just pushed the fast-forward button of our future. Something we believed would be a decade away suddenly got cut short. Before, not many people had interest in the quantum theory, but now things may change.

The factor that may be leading our future is the new photonic computer chip. Unlike all the other chips that work on electricity, this one works on light. Creators believe it will be fully ready in about 5 years. Like Michael Crichton said in Timeline, if we were to tell a person who lived in this world 100 years ago about our advancements, the person would think we were crazy. No one probably predicted that the world would be like this in the future 100 years ago. In his book, Timeline, he writes about traveling through a quantum mechanical computer. Richard Feynman stated that no one from his time understood the quantum theory, and Stephen Hawking said that no one could understand quantum mechanics with common sense.

It is fair to say that it is almost impossible to predict the future correctly. What we may believe is impossible now may soon become possible in the future.